Our brand

  • You are at the heart of our businesss

    We work to earn the devotion of hearts, minds and souls. Our single most important thing is to make you happy.

  • Exclusive products for unique personalities

    Every story is unique. We help you embrace your personality by providing the right tools for your body & sole.

  • Community is the foundation to success

    Coming together is a beginning. We want to empower each other and create new tomorrows with you.

We are the writers of our own story

- Nicole, founder of sourdaze®

"I felt like I wasn't meant to work for someone else and have my ideas limited or ignored because I didn’t have the experience. I knew I had to find out what I'm capable of on my own - even at the risk of failing.”

From every ending comes a new beginning

"So I left the job I hated in the midst of a pandemic and started my own business. And I would do it again.”


sourdaze slippers slicks

Our first product

As we searched for innovative slippers, we found the first perfect pair! SLICKS - bomb air cushion slippers are still our all-time favorite - 99% EVA technology gives you the most cushy foundation for your body & sole.


More to like & more to come